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Fall 2021 Seminar Series

CUERE seminars in fall 2021 will be held virtually.

September 17, 2021
Dr. Stuart Schwartz
“Beyond Imperviousness:  The Hydrologic Legacy of Soil Disturbance and Compaction in the Urban Pervious Landscape”
Link to recorded talk

September 24, 2021  
Dr. Bernice Rosenzweig
Sarah Lawrence College
“Climate change, cloudbursts and flooding in densely urbanized watersheds”
Note: This talk had to be cancelled at the last minute, but Dr. Rosenzweig hope to be able to provide a recording, which will be posted here when available.

October 1, 2021
Dr. Branko Kerkez
University of Michigan
“Self-driving water systems”

October 8, 2021
Dr. Aditi Bhaskar
Colorado State University
“How urbanization of grasslands in the Denver area changes streamflow”
Link to recorded talk

October 15, 2021
Dr. Robert Traver
Villanova University
“Green Infrastructure Resilience – Lessons from Research”
Link to recorded talk

October 22, 2021
Dr. Wayne Zipperer
USDA Forest Service, Gainesville, FL
“The Wildland-Urban Interface: A Dynamic Socio-Ecological System”
Link to slides

October 29, 2021
Dr. Archana Sharma
Morgan State University
School of Architecture and Planning
“Reconciling social and natural ecology through PLUS (place-like urban stream) green network”

November 5, 2021
Dr. Elie Bou-Zeid
Princeton University
“So you want to cool your city? Question city managers should ask when designing their heat mitigation plans”Z
Link to recorded talk

November 12, 2021
Dr. Sarah Ledford
Georgia State University
“Impacts of urban infrastructure on hydrology and stream ecosystems”
Link to recorded talk

November 19, 2021
Dr. John Lagrosa
“Processing historical aerial imagery for use in urban landscape studies”
Link to recorded talk

November 26, 2021
No seminar

December 3, 2021
Dr. Marccus D. Hendricks
University of Maryland, College Park
“Unequal Protection Revisited: Planning for Environmental Justice, Hazard Vulnerability, and Critical Infrastructure in Communities of Color”
Link to recorded talk

December 10, 2021
Dr. Michael Sukop
Florida International University
“Applications of Groundwater Modeling to Problems and Potential Solutions in Miami-Dade County Florida”
Link to seminar