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The Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education (CUERE) at UMBC was founded in 2001 by Professor Andrew J. Miller of Geography and Environmental Systems, with initial support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

CUERE’s mission is to advance the understanding of the environmental, social and economic consequences of the transformation of the urban landscape through research, conferences and symposia, support of university teaching programs and assistance to K-12 education. CUERE fosters interdisciplinary approaches to environmental science, engineering and public policy.

The CUERE research team includes environmental engineers, scientists, and policy analysts. The center’s research agenda focuses on relationships among natural and socioeconomic processes that occur in urban environments and their impact on public policy. The center is equipped with meeting facilities; integrated analytical, educational and research laboratories; and state-of-the-art computer and geographic information systems.

Prof. Miller was also briefly CUERE’s first Acting Director.  Prof. Royce Hanson of Public Policy took over as Acting Director from 2002-2003.  Prof. Claire Welty was hired as Director in October 2003.  CUERE reports to UMBC’s Vice Provost for Research, Dr. Karl Steiner.