2004 – 2005 Seminar Series

September 3, 2004 
Dr. Edward J. Bouwer, Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
�Fate of Organic Compounds and Microorganisms During Riverbank Filtration�

September 10, 2004 
Mr. Donald C. Outen, AICP, Baltimore County Dept. of Environmental Protection and Resource Management
“Baltimore County, MD Growth and Development: An Historical Overview and Implications for Environmental Management”

September 17, 2004 
Dr. Richard Pouyat, USDA Forest Service, Baltimore, MD
�The Characteristics of Soil in Urban Ecosystems�

September 24, 2004
Dr. R. Christopher Barry, Consulting Engineer
“The Role of Gas-Phase Transport Processes in Landfill Microbiology”

October 1, 2004 
Dr. Marie Howland, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, University of Maryland, College Park
�Environmental Contamination and the Redevelopment of Inner City Industrial Areas: The Case of Carroll Camden, Baltimore, Maryland�

October 8, 2004
Mr. Tom Schueler, Center for Watershed Protection, Ellicott City, MD
�Theory and Practice of Small Urban Watershed Restoration�

October 15, 2004 
Dr. Katherine Squibb, School of Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore
“Baltimore Supersite Studies of the Role of PM2.5 in the Health Effects of Air Pollution”

October 22, 2004
No seminar
Baltimore Ecosystem Study Annual Science Meeting, South Campus, UMBC

October 29, 2004
Dr. Daniel J. Marcucci
South Central Assembly for Effective Governance, Middletown, PA
“The Mason-Dixon Effect: Leapfrogging Development of Maryland Cities into Southern Pennsylvania”

November 5, 2004 

Dr. Lisa Wainger, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
�Prioritizing responses to invasive species threats: Where does ecosystem restoration make economic sense?�

November 12, 2004
Dr. Marla McIntosh, Department of Natural Resource Sciences and Landscape Architecture, University of Maryland, College Park
�Phytoremediation: Utilizing Plants to Remove Cd and Zn from Soils�

November 19, 2004
Mr. Larry Coffman, Prince Georges County Dept. of Environmental Resources
“Low Impact Development: State- of- the-Art in Stormwater Management”

November 26, 2004
No seminar � Thanksgiving break

December 3, 2004
Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd
Precipitation Measurement Mission, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
�Are cities creating their own rainfall?�

December 10, 2004
Dr. Tom Whitlow, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University
“Leaves, Lungs, and Soot”

February 4, 2005

Dr. Ray M. Hoff, Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology and Department of Physics, UMBC
“Air Quality in Maryland”

February 11, 2005
Dr. Virginia McConnell, Department of Economics, UMBC
“Zoning, TDRs and Urban Density: An Empirical Analysis”

February 18, 2005
Dr. Michael Paul, Howard University
“Using Predictive Models for Assessing Urban Streams”

February 25, 2005
Dr. Shenglin Chang, Department of Natural Resource Sciences and Landscape Architecture
University of Maryland, College Park
“Urban Lives, Suburban Houses: Asian and Latino Immigrant Home Identities in Suburban Washington, DC”

March 4, 2005
Dr. Stephen R. McDow and Ms. Katherine V. Coutros
U.S. EPA, Research Triangle Park
“Developing a New Organic Aerosol Research Laboratory at EPA”

March 11, 2005
Dr. Charles Menzie
Menzie-Cura and Associates, Severna Park, MD
“Application of the Weight-of-Evidence Approach for Guiding Sediment Remediation”

March 18, 2005 **SPECIAL SEMINAR** (10 AM, TRC 206)
Dr. Ellen Banzhaf
Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig-Halle, Germany
Department of Applied Landscape Ecology
“Towards Sustainable Use of Urban Areas: Monitoring and Modeling Approaches”

March 18, 2005
Dr. Laura Hungerford, University of Maryland School of Medicine
�Spatial Analysis of Disease Patterns�

March 25, 2005
No seminar
Spring Break

April 1, 2005
Dr. Metin Duran, Villanova University
“Host Specific Differences in FAME Profiles of Fecal Coliforms as a New Tool to Predict Sources of Microbial Pollution”

April 8, 2005

Dr. Peter Marra, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
“Neighborhood NestWatch: Science in the City”

April 15, 2005
Dr. Frederick W. Kutz, Consultant in Environmental Science, Columbia, MD
�The Ecology of West Nile Virus in Maryland�

April 22, 2005
Dr. Lewis H. Ziska, Alternate Crops Systems Lab, USDA/ARS
�Rising CO2 and Plant Biology�

April 29, 2005
Dr. Weilin Huang, Department of Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University
“Effect of Organic Matter Heterogeneity on Sorption of Organic Pollutants in Soils and Sediments”

May 4, 2005 **SPECIAL SEMINAR** (10:30 AM, TRC 206)
2005 Darcy Lecture
Dr. Kip SolomonUniversity of Utah, Noble Gas Laboratory
“Inert Gas Tracers in Groundwater”

May 6, 2005

Dr. David Myers, Department of Natural Resource Sciences and Landscape Architecture,
University of Maryland, College Park
�The Inertia of Lawn Culture: Resources, Identity and Change�

May 13, 2005
Dr. Lauren Alexander, National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council
Water Science and Technology Board
“Process and pattern: Plant Diversity and Hydrogeomorphology in Chesapeake Bay Forested Wetlands”