2014 – 2015 Seminar Series

September 26, 2014
Dr. Belay Demoz
Howard University Beltsville Research Site: Instrumentation, research highlights in climate and air pollution,  education and training”

October 3, 2014
William Burris
“NEPA and National Airspace System:  Environmental Challenges to FAA’s Next Gen Efforts”

October 10, 2014
Dr. Daniel Wright
“Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, and Urban Flooding in the Eastern United States”

October 17, 2014
Dr. Shawn Landry
University of South Florida
“Where the Live Oak meets the McMansion: Urban forest research, regulation, and management in Tampa”

October 24, 2014
Dr. Susannah Lerman
U. Mass Amherst
“Sustainability begins at home:Backyard habitats for wildlife and people”

October 31, 2014
Dan Bailey, Tamara Peters, and Joshua Cole
“Visualizing Early Baltimore”

November 7, 2014
Dr. Joshua Duke
University of Delaware
“The joint risks of anticipated sea-level rise and coastal contaminated sites”

November 14, 2014
Dr. Kurt Anderson
University of California, Riverside
“Modeling management options under multiple environmental threats for species in southern California”

November 21, 2014
Dr. William Cooper
National Science Foundation, Environmental Engineering Program
“Recent studies of NOM excited states in the photochemical (sunlight) fate of organic compounds and application in the design and optimization of constructed wetlands”

November 28, 2014
No seminar

December 5, 2014
Dr. Heileen Hsu-Kim
Duke University, Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering
“Disposal of Coal Ash Wastes: New Considerations for Assessing Environmental Risks”

January 30, 2015
Matthew Lambert
“Bioavailability and Risk Management Decisions at Superfund Sites”

February 6, 2015
Dr. Krissy Hopkins
National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC)
University of Maryland
“From small watersheds to regions: Variation in hydrologic response to urbanization”

February 13, 2015
Dr. Neda Yaghoobian
University of Maryland, College Park
“Building energy use and urban microclimate”

February 20, 2015   11 AM (Note time change)
Alimatou Seck
Department of Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering
“A fully distributed integrated hydrologic model for quantifying groundwater dynamics in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed”

February 27, 2015
Dr. Allen Place
Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences
“Hydraulics and barley straw (Hordeum vulgare) as effective treatment options for a cyanotoxin-impacted lake”

March 6, 2015
UMBC closed due to snow

March 13, 2015
Anna L. Johnson
UMBC, Dept of Geography and Environmental Systems
“The ecology of urban vacant lands: human-mediated local versus regional control on plant community assembly”

March 20, 2015
Spring break, no seminar

March 27, 2015
Dr. Miranda Mockrin
USDA Forest Service
“Living in the wildland urban interface: growth of the WUI and policy response”

April 3, 2015
Dr. Lea Johnson
University of Maryland, College Park
“Directing trajectories in urban vegetation dynamics: Ecological restoration drives long-term changes in NYC park forests”

April 10, 2015
No seminar

April 17, 2015
Dr. Stephanie Lansing
Environmental Science and Technology
UMD College Park
“Turning our Waste into Energy: Anaerobic Digestion and Microbial Fuel Cells”

April 24, 2015
Dr. Chris Hennigan
Department of Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering
“Sources and Processes Affecting Particulate Matter in Denver, CO during DISCOVER-AQ”

May 1, 2015
Dr. John M. Sharp, Jr.
NSF and University of Texas
“Effects of urbanization on shallow hydrogeologic systems”

May 8, 2015
Dr. Cynthia Gilmour
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
“The microbial ecology of hgcAB, the gene pair responsible for mercury methylation”