2011 – 2012 Seminar Series

September 9, 2011
Dr. David Ownby
Department of Chemistry, Towson University
“Geochemical Influences on Copper Toxicity”

September 16, 2011
Dr. Gregory Noe
USGS, Reston, VA
“Nutrient and Sediment Sources, Transport, and Retention in an Urban Piedmont Watershed”

September 23, 2011
Dr. Eric Zeemering
UMBC, Department of Public Policy
“Sustainability and the City: The Challenge of Policy Definition”

September 30, 2011
Patterson Clark
Urban Jungle, The Washington Post
“Alien Weeds: An Untapped Abundance”
with walking workshop following the lecture
Co-sponsored by Department of Visual Arts

October 7, 2011
Dr. Darrel Jenerette
Department of Botany and Plant Science
University of California Riverside
“Cities as hotspots of biodiversity and ecosystem services”.

October 14, 2011
Dr. Lee Blaney
UMBC, Department of Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering
“Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Sources, Concerns, and Treatment Options”

October 21, 2011
Bill Stack
Center for Watershed Protection
Ellicott City MD
“The Gross Nature of Urban Runoff”

October 28, 2011
Dr. Thomas F. Cuffney
USGS, Raleigh NC
“Comparing Effects of Urbanization across the Conterminous U.S.  The USGS National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program�s Urban Stream Studies.”

November 4, 2011
Dr. Susan Day
Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation and Department of
Virginia Tech
“Urban soil management – Can it make a difference in tree canopy cover?”

November 11, 2011
Dr. Chris Pyke
US Green Building Council
Washington, DC
“Applications of information technology to accelerate the next generation of market tranformation in the built environment”

November 18, 2011
Dr. Rinku Roy Chowdhury
Department of Geography
Indiana University
“The structure of (sub)urban landscapes: Social groups and vegetative patterns in 3 eastern US cities”

November 25, 2011
Holiday – No seminar

December 2, 2011
Dr. Emily Minor
Department of Biological Sciences
Institute for Environmental Science and Policy
University of Illinois at Chicago
“Distribution and spread of a charismatic exotic species”

January 27, 2012
William K. Burris, P.G.
Joint Base Andrews
“Chlorinated solvent remediation at Brandywine Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO): DOD success and future challenges”

February 3, 2012
Dan Bailey, MFA
UMBC, Imaging Research Center
“Visualizing Early Washington DC: What L’Enfant Saw”

February 10, 2012
Dr. Emma Rosi-Marshall
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
“Novel contaminants in urban aquatic ecosystems: inputs, fates and potential ecological effects?”

February 17, 2012
Nicholas Magliocca
UMBC, Dept. of Geography and Environmental Systems
“The Use of Agent-Based Models (ABMs) as Virtual Laboratories for Exploring Human-Environment Interactions in Land-Use Systems”

February 24, 2012
Dr. Marko Bulmer
UMBC, Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology
Two Years After the Earthquake – Conducting Humanitarian Relief and Development in Port-au-Prince”

March 2, 2012
Bruce Dvorak
Texas A&M University
“Sustainable Green Roofs for Ecoregions”

March 9, 2012
Dr. Stanley Kemp
University of Baltimore
“Baltimore’s urban fish communities: Evaluating the potential of fish assemblage data to guide stream restoration efforts”

March 16, 2012

Dr. Ali Tokay
“Ground-based precipitation measurements: Contributions to the NASA Precipitation Measurement Mission”

March 23, 2012
No seminar – Spring Break

March 30, 2012
Dr. Paul Houser
George Mason University
“A vision for an ultra-high resolution integrated water cycle observation and prediction system”

April 6, 2012
Dr. Sacoby Wilson
University of Maryland, School of Public Health
“The use of a community-university partnership to address environmental stressors in Charleston, SC”

April 13, 2012
Kevin Koepenick
Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability
“Septic Systems and their Impact on the Chesapeake Bay”

April 20, 2012
Dr. Ray Hoff
Department of Physics, UMBC
“DISCOVER-AQ: An urban air quality field experiment using satellites, aircraft and ground-sites”

April 27, 2012
Dr. Maya A. Trotz
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of South Florida

“Water Awareness Research and Education – transdisciplinary approach to urban stormwater management in East Tampa”

May 4, 2012
Dr. Bernadette Hanlon
Ohio State University
“Suburban Upgrades: Residential Redevelopment in Baltimore’s Suburbs”