2008 – 2009 Seminar Series

September 5, 2008
Dr. Erle Ellis
Dept of Geography and Environmental Systems
�Urban Systems in a Global Context: Anthropogenic Biomes of the World”

September 12, 2008
Dr. Steve Clemants
Brooklyn Botanical Garden, New York
�Changes to the Urban Flora of the New York Metropolitan Region�

September 19, 2008
Dr. W. Edward Orser
UMBC, Department of American Studies
“The Olmsted Imprint: The Gwynns Falls as an Urban Greenway”

September 26, 2008
Dr. Franco Montalto
Drexel University, Philadelphia
“Modeling Decentralized Green Infrastructure in the Urban Environment”

October 3, 2008
Ms. Rebecca Lewis
University of Maryland College Park
National Center for Smarth Growth
“Managing Growth with Priority Funding Areas: A Good Idea Whose Time has yet to Come”

October 10, 2008
Dr. David Tenenbaum
U Mass Boston
“Multi-scale Analysis of Moisture Patterns in Urbanizing Landscapes”

October 17, 2008
Mr. David Potere
Princeton University
�Modeling the world�s cities: an examination of global urban maps and their implications for conservation planning�

October 24, 2008

Dr. Peter Shanahan
MIT, Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering
“Urban Ground Water–Hydrological and Historical Perspectives”

October 31, 2008
Dr. Richard Vogel
Tufts University, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
“A Methodology for a National Water Census”

November 7, 2008
Dr. Julian Marshall
University of Minnesota, Dept. of Civil Engineering
“Healthy Cities: Urban Design for Energy, Environment, and Health�

November 14, 2008
Dr. Thomas Vicino
Wheaton College, Dept of Political Science, Norton, Massachusetts
“The Quest to Confront Suburban Decline: An Examination of Metropolitan Baltimore’s Socioeconomic and Environmental Transformation, 1970-2000”

November 21, 2008
Dr. Matt Baker
UMBC, Dept. of Geography and Environmental Systems
“Watershed morphology, imperviousness, and ecological thresholds in streams”

November 28, 2008
Holiday – No seminar

December 5, 2008
Dr. Joachim Tourbier
Technical University of Dresden
“Blue-Green Technologies – Integrated practices to Manage Stormwater as an Asset” 

January 30, 2009
Joe Berg
Biohabitats Inc.
“A Regenerative Design Approach to Integrating Water Resource Restoration in Urban Watersheds”

February 6, 2009

Dr. Diane Pataki
University of California Irvine
Dept. of Earth System Science and Dept. of Ecology & Evol. Biology
“The Role of Urban Landscapes in the Global Climate System”

February 13, 2009
Dr. Richard Pouyat
USDA Forest Service, Baltimore
“Urban Ecosystem Services: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

February 20, 2009
Dr. Laura Lawson
University of Illinois, Dept. of Landscape Architecture
“Community Gardens as Means or End? Considerations on the Role and Sustainability of Urban Garden Programs”

February 27, 2009
Dr. Anu Ramaswami
University of Colorado Denver
“Carbon Footprints and Climate Action Plans at the City Scale”

March 6, 2009
Dr. Peter J. Marcotullio
Hunter College
“The Environmental Impacts of Meat Consumption in New York City”

March 13, 2009
Arthur Horowitz
USGS, Atlanta, GA
“Monitoring Sediment and Sediment-Associated Chemistry and Annual Fluxes in Urban Environments: Lessons From The City of Atlanta, Georgia,Water Quality Monitoring Program”

March 20, 2009
No seminar – Spring Break

March 27, 2009
Dr. Weixing Zhu
State University of New York – Binghamton, Dept. of Biological Sciences
“Alteration of Nitrogen Biogeochemistry in Urban Ecosystems”

April 3, 2009
Cheryl Dieter
US Geological Survey, MD-DE-DC Water Science Center
“Hydrogeology and Groundwater Quality of the Anacostia River Watershed, Washington, DC”

April 10, 2009
Dr. Dawn Bielher
UMBC, Dept. of Geography and Environmental Systems
“Cities, housing, and health: Activism and the urban environment before the environmental justice movement”

April 17, 2009
Josh Foster
Center for Clean Air Policy, Washington, DC
“Center for Clean Air Policy: Urban Leaders Adaptation Initiative”

April 24, 2009
Dr. Jeanne VanBriesen
Carnegie Mellon
“Water Infrastructure in the Digital Age”

May 1, 2009
Tom Schueler
Chesapeake Stormwater Network
“New Directions in Turf and Stormwater Management in the Chesapeake Bay

May 5, 2009
***2009 Darcy Lecture***
 (USGS Building)
Dr. Peter Cook
CSIRO Land and Water. Australia
“”Environmental Tracers in Modern Hydrogeology: Reducing Uncertainty in Ground Water Flow Estimation”

May 8, 2009
Ellen Dunham-Jones
College of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology
�Retrofitting Suburbia: Case Studies of Sustainable Redevelopment�