2003 – 2004 Seminar Series

October 10, 2003 
Dr. Michelle M. Lorah, U.S. Geological Survey, Baltimore, MD
� Characterizing the Fate of Chlorinated Solvents in Wetlands: Linking Geochemistry, Microbiology, and Hydrology�

October 17, 2003
No seminar � BES meeting.

October 24, 2003 
Mr. Nick Procopio, New Jersey Pinelands Commission
� Land-Use Patterns and Aquatic and Wetland Resources of the
New Jersey Pinelands�

October 31, 2003 
Dr. Susan Kilham, Drexel University
� Biotic Responses to Urbanization in Valley Creek Watershed, Pennsylvania�

November 7, 2003 
Dr. Upal Ghosh, UMBC
� Microscale Association of Organic Contaminants to Sediment Particles and Implications for Risk Management�

November 14, 2003
Ms. Paula Estornell, U.S. EPA Region III
� Getting Stormwater Under Control�

November 21, 2003 
Dr. Daniel P. Sheer, Hydrologics, Inc., Columbia, MD
� Water Supply and Low-Flow Issues in Connecticut�

November 28, 2003 
No seminar � Thanksgiving break

December 5, 2003 

Dr. Richard Pouyat, U.S. Forest Service
� The Characteristics of Soil in Urban Ecosystems�
(Cancelled due to snow)

December 12, 2003
Ms. Madalena Ruas and Ms. Leticia Andrade
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Oporto, Portugal
� Adsorption of Heavy Metals by Impregnated Adsorbents�

Dec. 19 � Jan. 9 
No seminar � Holiday break

January 16, 2004
Mr. Tom Vicino, Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education, UMBC
” Best Environmental Management Practices: Anne Arundel County, MD Creates Groundwater Assessment Tool for Radium”

January 23, 2004 
Ms. Pamela P. Kenel, P.E.
Black & Veatch Corporation, Gaithersburg,MD
” Water Reuse Momentum in the Mid-Atlantic States”

January 30, 2004
Dr. Jonathan Essoka, US EPA Region III
�The Social and Political Ramifications of Brownfields Redevelopment�

February 6, 2004 
Dr. John Hom, U.S. Forest Service
�Studies on Carbon Flux and Carbon Dioxide Concentrations in a Forested Region in Suburban Baltimore�

February 13, 2004

Dr. Joel Baker, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science, Solomons, MD
“Mass Balance Models of Chemical Contaminants in the Chesapeake Bay”

February 20, 2004 
Dr. Fred Scatena, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Pennsylvania
�River, Road, and Food-Web Networks in the Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico�

February 27, 2004
Dr. Keith Eshleman
Appalachian Laboratory, University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science, Frostburg, MD
“Multiscale Analysis of Hydrological Impacts of Land-Use Change in the Central Appalachian Mountains”

March 5, 2004 
Dr. Jin-Ping (Jack) Gwo
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UMBC
�Genetic Algorithms in Search and Optimization: A few Appetizers from Hydrobiogeochemistry�

March 12, 2004 
Mr. Duncan Stuart
City of Baltimore Department of Planning
“The Critical Area Offset-Fee Program in Baltimore — Innovative Projects to Improve Water Quality and Habitat in Baltimore”

March 19, 2004 
Dr. Brian Reed
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UMBC
�Arsenic Removal from Water by an Iron-Impregnated Activated Carbon�

March 26, 2004 
No seminar � spring break.

April 2, 2004
Dr. William LaCourse
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UMBC
“On-site, Comprehensive Analysis of Explosives using HPLC-UV-PAED”

April 5, 2004 at Noon 
Ms. Katrina Charles
Center for Water and Waste Technlogy and School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
“Septics, Pathogens, Nutrients, and in Sydney’s Water Supply Watershed” 

April 9, 2004 
Dr. Quintaniay Holifield
U.S. Forest Service
�Forest Floor Exchange Chemistry and Microbial Biomass in Red Spruce Stands Along a Calcium-Aluminum Ratio Gradient in the Northeastern U.S.�

April 16, 2004
Dr. Jim Pizzuto, Department of Geology, University of Delaware
“Watershed Scale Stream Geomorphology in the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont: State of the Art”

April 23, 2004 
Dr. Margaret M. Carreiro, Biology Department, University of Louisville
�Nitrogen Deposition and Mineralization in Forests Along Urban-Rural Gradients in Two Cities�

April 26, 2004, 1 PM,
 ITE building, Lecture Hall VIII
2004 Darcy Lecture
Dr. Allen Shapiro
U.S. Geological Survey, National Research Program, Reston, VA
“Ground Water Flow and Chemical Transport in Fractured Rock: From Cores to Kilometers.” 

April 30, 2004
Mr. Ned Tillman, Columbia Technologies, Baltimore, MD
�Use of Sensors for Detailed Mapping of Subsurface Contamination and Rapid Data Delivery�

May 7, 2004 
Dr. Robert Traver and Mr. Clay Emerson
Villanova University, Urban Stormwater Partnership
“Stormwater Management in Pennsylvania: Past, Present and Future”