2009 – 2010 Seminar Series

September 4, 2009
Lee Sobel
Smart Growth Program, 
US EPA, Washington DC
“The Business Case for Smart Growth”

September 11, 2009
Dr. Howard Mielke
Xavier University
“Neurotoxin Contamination of U.S. Cities: Baltimore and New Orleans”

September 18, 2009
Dr. Sacoby Wilson
University of South Carolina, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
“Environmental (In)Justice and Environmental Health Disparities: Issues, Research, and Policy Solutions”

September 25, 2009
Dr. Paula Shrewsbury
U. MD College Park, Dept. of Entomology
“Influence of Native Plants on Arthropod Biodiversity and Conservation Biological Control in Urban Landscapes”

October 2, 2009
Dr. Stanley Gehrt
Ohio State University, School of Environment and Natural Resources
“Coyote Ecology in Chicago: A Misanthropic Synanthrope?”

October 9, 2009
Dr. David Sailor
Portland State University, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
“Understanding the Energy and Environmental Effects of Vegetated Rooftops”

October 16, 2009
Dr. David Elesh
Temple University, Department of Sociology
“Exploring Metropolitan Diversity: the Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Project”

October 23, 2009
No Seminar – BES Annual meeting Oct 21-22

October 30, 2009
Dr. Alan Vicory
Ohio River Valley Water Sanitary Commission
“Collaborative Water Resource Management in Multijurisdictional Watersheds”

November 6, 2009
Dr. Ross Hinkle
University of Central Florida, Department of Biology
“Assessing Carbon Dioxide Flux Dynamics in Orlando, Florida A RapidlyGrowing Urban Ecosystem”

November 13, 2009
Dr. Shuiwang Duan
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science
“Tracing Sources of Organic Matter in Two Urban Bayous”

November 20, 2009
Dr. Jason Kaye
The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
“Ecosystem Responses to Urban Atmospheres: A Case Study From the Sonoran Desert Surrounding Phoenix, AZ”

November 27, 2009
Holiday – No seminar

December 4, 2009
Dr. J. Morgan Grove
USDA Forest Service
“Plots, Pixels, and Parcels:Reassessing Sampling Strategies for Urban Ecology Research and Assessments”

December 11, 2009
Dr. Robert Traver
Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership
Villanova University, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
“Achieving Sustainable Stormwater Management”

January 29, 2010
Dr. Miriam Diamond
University of Toronto
“Where the water hits the road – urban water pollution issues”

February 5, 
Neil Weinstein
The Low Impact Development Center Inc., Beltsville, MD
“Green Highways and Green Infrastructure”

February 12, 
Eric Schwaab
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
“Chesapeake Bay Restoration: A Management Perspective”

February 19, 2010
Dr. Peter Groffman
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Millbrook, NY
“Nitrogen cycling in urban watershed ecosystems”

February 26, 
Dr. Jeff Stehr
Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science 

University of Maryland, College Park
“Blue Collar” Science and The Maryland State Implementation Plan for Air Quality”

March 5, 
Dr. Ali Whitmer
Georgetown University
“Urban Sustainability and Push-Pull Drivers of Residential Change: A comparative study of Washington DC and Baltimore”

March 12, 2010
Dr. Glenn Moglen
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Virginia Tech
“Projecting Future Growth in Maryland and its Consequences on Nutrient Loadings to Maryland Streams and to the Chesapeake Bay”

March 19, 2010
No seminar – Spring Break

March 26, 2010
Dr. Ryan Casey
Towson University
“Road Salt and Soils: Cation Impacts on Metal Mobility and Bioavailability”

April 2, 2010
Dr. Katalin Szlavecz
Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences
The Johns Hopkins University
“An End-to-end System for Soil Monitoring in the Baltimore Ecosystem Study”

April 9, 2010
Dr. Katherine Squibb
Department of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine
“Health Effects Characterization of Ambient Air Particulate Matter (PM) from Baltimore and Maryland�s Eastern Shore”

April 16, 2010
Dr. Jennifer Jacobs
University of New Hampshire
“Green Roof Stormwater Runoff Mitigation: Observations and Models”

April 23, 2010
Dr. Elena Irwin
Ohio State University
Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
“Spatial Dynamics and Economic Models of Land Use Change”

April 30, 
Dr. Christopher Small
Lamont Doherty-Earth Observatory
Columbia University
“Is New York Greening?”

May 7, 
Ms. Katherine Rinne
Architecture Program, California College of the Arts
“Waters of Rome”