2005 – 2006 Seminar Series

September 9, 2005 
Dr. Robert Neff, Department of Geography and Environmental Systems, UMBC
“Transportation, Urban Development, and Greenhouse Gases: Patterns of Consumption
and Injustice in Philadelphia”

September 16, 2005
Dr. Andrew Miller, Department of Geography and Environmental Systems, UMBC
“Floods and the Geomorphology of Urban Watersheds”

September 23, 2005
Dr. Sujay Kaushal, Appalachian Lab, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
“Influence of Land Use on Sources and Transformations of Nitrogen in Streams”

September 29, 2005 **4-6 PM, University Center Ballroom** 
** Special Symposium in collaboration with The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences**
“Public Policy and Environmental Disasters: Regional and National Implications of Hurricane Katrina and the Devastation of New Orleans”

Dr. Jeffrey B. Halverson, Research Associate Professor, Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology and Department of Geography and Environmental Systems
” The Science of Deadly Hurricanes, Their Societal Impacts, and Prognosis for the Next Decade”
Dr. Donald F. Boesch, President, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
” Post-Katrina Thinking: Integrating Community, Economic and Ecosystem Restoration on the Northern Gulf Coast”
Dr. Richard A. Bissell, Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Health Services
” Health and Hurricanes: Implications for Katrina Victims”
Dr. Donald F. Norris, Professor of Public Policy and Director, Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research
” A Statistical Portrait of the Impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans and Environs”

September 30, 2005 
Dr. Glenn Moglen, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, U Maryland, College Park
“Automating Hydrologic Analyses and Tracking Hydrologic Change in and Around Maryland”

October 7, 2005
Dr. George Middendorf, Department of Biology, Howard University
“Environmental Change Along Socioeconomic Gradients in Washington, DC”

October 14, 2005
Mr. Daniel Soeder, US Geological Survey, MD-DE-DC Water Science Center
“Hydrology and Marsh Restoration at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge”

October 21, 2005
Dr. Matthias Ruth, Environmental Policy Program, School of Public Policy
University of Maryland College Park
“Climate Impacts and Adaptation in Urban Areas”

October 28, 2005
Dr. David Maidment, University of Texas at Austin
“Hydrologic Information Systems: Status Report”

November 4, 2005 
Dr. David Lary, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center
“Data Assimilation, Neural Networks, and Automatic Code and Web Site Creation for Environmental and Health Applications”

November 11, 2005
Dr. William Ball, Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University
“Coping with Complexity: Remediation, Risk Reduction, and Restoration in the Face of Uncertainty and Impracticability”

November 18, 2005 
Dr. Gerrit Knaap, National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education
University of Maryland, College Park
“Smart Growth in Maryland: �Gift to the Earth� or �Blip in History�?”

November 25, 2005 
No seminar � Thanksgiving break

December 2, 2005 
Mr. Charles Davis, Ecologist
“Disturbance and Conservation of Rare Plant Species, with Examples from Maryland”

December 9, 2005 
Dr. Nagaraj Neerchal, UMBC, Department of Mathematics
“Overdispersion Models for the Violation of Nitrate Concentration Limits in Mid-
Atlantic Region Watersheds” 

February 3, 2006
Dr. Scott Farrow, Department of Economics, UMBC
“Environmental and Economic Performance: Pollution Trading in Water Quality Limited Areas”

February 10, 2006
Dr. David Curson, National Audobon Society
“Bird Conservation from Species to Landscapes – The Important Bird Areas Program in Maryland and DC”

February 17, 2006
Dr. Stuart S. Schwartz, CUERE, UMBC
“Complexity and Decision Heuristics in Chesapeake Bay Watershed Management Decisions”

February 24, 2006
Dr. Brian Bradley, Department of Bioscience, UMBC
“Environmental Proteomics: Can Protein Expression Contribute to Risk Measurement?”

March 3, 2006
Dr. Richard Pouyat, USDA Forest Service, Baltimore MD
“Integrating Science and Policy for Environmental Decision Making”  

March 10, 2006

12:30 PM
Dr. Timothy Brennan, Dept. of Public Policy, UMBC
“Public Use and ‘Just Compensation’ in Eminent Domain: Economic Observations on Kelo v. New London” 

2 PM
Dr. Morgan Grove, USDA Forest Service, Burlington. Vermont
“An Ecology of Prestige and Its Implications for the Ecological Structure and Processes of Urban Ecosystems, with Examples from the Baltimore Ecosystem Study”  

March 17, 2006
Dr. Cherie Miller, USGS MD-DE-DC Water Science Center
“Trace-Element Geochemistry – Some Applications in the Natural Environment by the U.S. Geological Survey”

March 24, 2006
No seminar – Spring Break

March 31, 2006
Dr. Nancy Love, Department of Civil and Envionmental Engineering, Virginia Tech
“Stress-Induced Microbial Footprints as a Basis for Monitoring Complex Environmental Systems”

April 7, 2006

Dr. Allen Davis, Department of Civil and Envionmental Engineering, U MD College Park
“Creating ‘Low Impact’ Stormwater in Maryland”

April 11, 2006 ** SPECIAL SEMINAR**
Dr. David Maidment, Department of Civil and Envionmental Engineering, U Texas Austin
“CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System and Web  Services”

April 14, 2006
Dr. K. Fred Huemmrich, UMBC, JCET
“Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Ecosystem Carbon Exchange”

April 21, 2006
Dr. Eileen Poeter, 2006 Darcy Lecturer
“All Models Are Wrong: How Do We Know Which Are Useful?”

April 28, 2006
Dr. Michael Paolisso
University of Maryland, College Park, Dept of Anthropology
” Urbanization and Chesapeake Bay Environmentalism”

May 5, 2006
Mr. Gary Shenk, US EPA Chesapeake Bay Program
“Development of the Next Generation of Chesapeake Bay Program Watershed Model: Improving on 20 Years of Policy Guidance”

May 12, 2006
Dr. Paul Houser, George Mason University, Center for Research on Environment and Water
“Global Water Cycle Variability and Change”